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Your New Home Awaits You

Looking for a New Home?

You’re on the right track! Seattle Ideal Homes is a perfect website to look for your next ideal home. We are experts who truly understand the ins and outs of home buying process. Therefore, we promise to make the whole process as easy as possible and to make your investment worth every penny. Every person has different needs, so we would like to know more about your needs and help you find your perfect home. Even though every buying experience is one of its own, scroll below to see the common steps that you can expect from the home buying process.



Connecting with us

Please connect with us today, and you can tell us more about your ideal home. We can also answer your questions about the whole process, or if you just need a person to talk to, we’re also here for you!


Getting Pre-approved

 This is a crucial step so that you know how much you can afford. You can talk to your loan officer or we can refer you to our trusted partners to talk about your pre-approval process.


Searching for homes

We will help you find homes that fit your criteria. However, this website is an excellent tool to browse for homes yourself. If you see homes that you’re interested in, you can also let us know.


Visiting homes

What you see might not reflect on how you actually feel. Therefore, it is important to visit the homes that you’re interested in. This is the only way to know that the home is ideal for you.


Submitting an Offer

Once you find the home that you really like, you are ready to submit an offer. We will do our best to guide you and help you get your offer accepted.


Inspecting your home

You found your ideal home, and your offer was accepted. Inspecting the condition of the home is the last step to confirm that the home is really ideal for you.


Closing the sale

What’s left now is for you to sign the paperworks. Congratulations, your ideal home is legally yours! This is where we step out of the picture and let you enjoy and build your life in your new home.

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